Empowerment Coaching for Adoption

What is coaching?

Coaching is a co-creative partnership for the specific purpose of achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaches help clients enhance their life through action whereas therapists help clients work toward healing and recovery. Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings at a distance whereas coaches use their personal expertise to challenge their clients to shift and uncover new solutions.


Are you frustrated about what to do next? Are you feeling isolated from others?

Adoption is overwhelming and these feelings are common. Human beings need to feel in community. We need others around us who understand. Through coaching, you’ll find stability within the chaos through support, guidance and hope. Together we will create opportunities for you to take dynamic action towards your adoption goals and dreams.


Are you beginning to feel stuck or at the mercy of the process?

Many people are unprepared for the emotional vulnerability and uncertainty that consumes their life during the journey. To an extent, you need to be along for the ride. However, through empowerment, you will take control of your fears by taking new risks to achieve your adoption dreams. You will also become more confident and reclaim your life while you wait.

Coaching Services

Empowerment for the journey


stand alone 60 minute sessions intended to gain clarity around specific aspects of your adoption journey.


a three month commitment of biweekly sessions inviting a shift into truly embracing the journey. We will take a deep dive into your adoption plan to unearth new strategies, boost self-esteem and find renewed balance in your life.


a custom package tailored to your entire adoption journey: together we will identify an adoption plan, discover actionable steps, pinpoint costly pitfalls - includes emphasis on self care and holding you accountable to be your best self.

What will change if you don’t take this opportunity to empower yourself?

Now imagine what can happen if you do…

It’s time to take control of your journey instead of letting it control you.

*Coaching offered worldwide by phone or Skype.