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Empowerment for the Journey

Adoption Empowerment Coach


I’m Stephanie Casaubon - coach, mother, and author - empowering YOU to become the best version of yourself.


If you believe that it’s a privilege to be on this parenthood journey via adoption, then you are in the right place.

We know that individual well-being plays a pivotal role in success. So… have you taken a moment to consider how your well-being impacts your success as a parent? Now, add in the complex dimension of adoption…

You are not alone.

A life with adoption adds a unique layer to parenting. And I can relate - to the excitement, the vulnerability, the uncertainty… the extreme highs and unimaginable lows. To wanting to be the best parent possible. To falling short at times.

There are infinite considerations and emotional hurdles to navigate in a life with adoption which can impact all other areas of your life.

Become empowered.

Would you like to be a more confident individual and parent? We can all agree that being the best version of ourselves is what our children deserve. So, how can you achieve that?

Through working with me, you will learn to quiet the noise and connect with your inner self - which takes real courage. In this space, you will feel safe to be honest and accept the challenges you are currently facing, because we all have challenges - no matter where we are in our journey.

Once identified, together, we’ll create action steps to move you forward, opening doors you never thought possible. The best part about this work is that by becoming empowered yourself, you will inevitably learn the tools needed to empower your child in his/her life.

Where are you struggling to be your best?

Let’s talk!

*Stephanie is a certified life coach supporting clients worldwide via phone or video conference.


Stephanie Casaubon is an adoption empowerment coach helping parents become the best version of themselves and confidently navigate their life with adoption. She's also a writer and most importantly, mother to two extraordinary daughters. Her first publication, Adoption is Love children’s picture book, will be available soon from Olympia Publishers [London].

Stephanie changed my life. The work we did opened up a flood of opportunities that I didn’t know how to unlock. I cannot recommend her enough.
— H.D. - New York
Stephanie Casaubon has a heart of gold and an eye for progress. My session with her shifted my outlook on the steps I can take. I highly recommend Stephanie if you’re needing help moving forward with a important decision in your life.
— Sarah R. - California
After experiencing some difficult challenges, Stephanie guided me on a path that made sense of the chaos and helped me develop a plan of action that was logical and highly beneficial for my situation. I now feel more steadfast and secure in my decisions, aware of my responsibility to myself, and much more prepared to face whatever trials are in front of me.
— Jennifer B. - Illinois
Stephanie is insightful and warm, and easily helped me uncover a major source of stress in just one session! She is a fantastic coach and led me to my own answers, that I already knew, but needed help seeing.
— Allison C. - California

Giving Back

The Adoption Life donates 10% of all proceeds to the charity Together We Rise - an organization dedicated to making the foster care experience better for all 500,000 children going through it.