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Stephanie Casaubon - Adoption Coach

My story…

Hi there. Welcome to The Adoption Life!

As an adoption coach, my specialty is empowering women like you to confidently navigate the world of private adoption. I'm also the author of the children's book Adoption is Love and the mother of two extraordinary children.

Adoption is beautiful and life-changing, but it's also complicated and full of uncertainty. I’ve been where you are. When we began our adoption journey in 2012, I remember being unable to contain my excitement, despite the challenges. I also remember feeling frustrated and vulnerable - wishing we had someone to confide in who could relate.

Now six years later, I’ve made it my mission to help individuals around the world growing their family through adoption. Whether you need an adoption plan, new strategies for the journey or guidance as a new parent, let’s work through those challenges together.

Give yourself the gift of coaching and experience the difference it can make.

*Coaching offered worldwide by phone or Skype.


Before becoming a mother, I earned a masters in medical science and worked for years in the demanding field of emergency medicine. Years later, in an effort to improve my work-life balance, I embarked on a path of self-discovery through creative endeavors. But once I became a mother, my whole life culminated in that moment. I want that moment for you.

Throughout the course of my life, the transitions from clinician to creative and mother to coach were natural ones. After all, I'm a nurturer. And it brings me great joy to provide a service which cultivates adoption dreams through honesty, accountability and unwavering hope.

*Additional information on coaching scenarios and benefits here.