Empowerment for the Journey

What do YOU need?


Stephanie Casaubon

Empowerment Coach, Writer & Mother

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

My specialty is empowering women like you to confidently navigate the world of adoption. I’m here entirely for YOU!

Did you know that your well-being plays a pivotal role in your success on this journey. What challenges are you currently facing? Maybe you:

  • need an adoption plan

  • feel stuck and want to craft new action steps for the journey, or

  • are overwhelmed now that you’re home with 👼, and need strategies to balance it all :-)

I’ve been where you are.

When we began our adoption journey in 2012, like you, I remember being unable to contain my excitement. Like you, we opened ourselves up to vulnerability and uncertainty. There were extreme highs and unimaginable lows and slowly we began to feel isolated because no one, other than each other, could relate.

Sound familiar?

Now six years and two open adoptions later, I’ve made it my mission to support individuals around the world on their adoption journey.

My goals as your coach:

  • To connect with you and relate to your unique situation.

  • To be a constant source of support and guidance by holding you accountable to your goals and creating a plan to achieve your dreams.

  • To improve your confidence by addressing lingering worries around adoption and initiating strategies to overcome them.

  • To increase your self-care and if you are still waiting, help you learn to live within the wait.

  • To empower you as a new parent… once you are home and all the dust settles.

Let’s talk!

*Coaching offered worldwide by phone or teleconference.

Stephanie changed my life. The work we did opened up a flood of opportunities that I didn’t know how to unlock. I cannot recommend her enough.
— H.D. - New York
Stephanie Casaubon has a heart of gold and an eye for progress. My session with her shifted my outlook on the steps I can take. I highly recommend Stephanie if you’re needing help moving forward with a important decision in your life.
— Sarah R. - California
After experiencing some difficult challenges, Stephanie guided me on a path that made sense of the chaos and helped me develop a plan of action that was logical and highly beneficial for my situation. I now feel more steadfast and secure in my decisions, aware of my responsibility to myself, and much more prepared to face whatever trials are in front of me.
— Jennifer B. - Illinois
Stephanie is insightful and warm, and easily helped me uncover a major source of stress in just one session! She is a fantastic coach and led me to my own answers, that I already knew, but needed help seeing.
— Allison C. - California