Adoption is Love

by Stephanie Casaubon

The children’s book  Adoption is Love is a timeless love story for mothers to share with their children. It promises that a mother's love is forever and embraces adoption concepts with loving care whether the child came to their family through domestic, international or foster adoption.

The mother, as narrator, takes the child on a heartwarming journey through life. Weaved into the story is reinforcement that the child was wanted and chosen. This book relates to all children of adoption regardless of gender, age at the time of adoption or country of origin.

The story originally started out as a poem to my child when she was only six months old. I wanted her to know, from the very beginning, that I was her Mama - no matter what life may bring. A couple years passed, and as we began to talk about her birth story, I could not find a book that satisfied the elements of adoption I wanted to convey - specifically that adoption is love.

* Publishing details are still pending but the launch is targeted for November 2019 in time for Adoption Awareness Month. For additional questions, contact me.