Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Is adoption the right choice for me?

  • I feel frustrated and lost in the process.

  • I need an adoption plan but don’t know where to start.

  • I’m having trouble saying no to situations because I’m afraid it will delay our chances of being picked.

  • I’m consumed by adoption and having difficulty maintaining my everyday life.

  • I’m unsure about open adoption and afraid to commit to it.

  • I’m overwhelmed by the expense.

  • I’m heartbroken because our birthmother changed her mind.

  • I’m not seeing eye to eye with my partner about certain aspects of adoption.

  • I’m beginning to lose hope?

  • I walk on eggshells around the subject of adoption and I don’t know why.

  • I’m stressed because of legal issues to my child’s adoption.

  • I unintentionally overshare my child's birth story to strangers and then regret it.

  • I want more tools to educate those around me about adoption.

  • I need strategies to work through adoption related topics with my child.

  • I need to set boundaries with my birth family but am unsure how.

  • I experience mom shaming or feel insecure for not breastfeeding, not giving birth, not having a post pregnancy body...

  • I’m caught off guard and unprepared every time someone says: 

    1. Your child is so lucky!

    2. What happened to his real mom?

    3. Why did she give him up?

    4. Where does the curly hair/green eyes come from?

    5. Does he know he’s adopted?

    1. I can see the resemblance. [Don’t overthink it. A genuine thank you will do!]

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Clarity about what you want and how you can get it.

  • Identify where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Explore all possible options available.

  • Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.

  • Implement action steps which helps you to reach your goal faster.

  • Receive support, encouragement and motivation.

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