Launching The Adoption Life

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My Story…

The road to The Adoption Life started when we chose private adoption to grow our family. We needed to wait for an expectant mother to choose us. We knew that took time and we prepared to wait. However, from the very beginning of our journey, maintaining our resolve and simultaneously preserving integrity throughout the process became challenging.

Adoption is an extremely personal endeavor. At the very core lies ethical decisions that must be made to grow your family, and I understand the gravity of those choices. It can be a very isolating journey and even our family and closest friends simply did not "get it" - despite unwavering support.

Today, seven years after embarking on our adoption journey, and two successful open adoptions later, I’m still learning. Adoption education is constantly evolving and as a parent via adoption, it’s imperative to be a part of that conversation. My purpose in creating The Adoption Life is to be an active participant in that dialogue. To use my skillset as a coach to challenge you on your self-awareness, to encourage you to ask the hard questions and to empower you to do right by your children.

Thank you for joining me here!


10% of The Adoption Life proceeds are donated to the charity Together We Rise - an organization with an inspiring mission making an incredible impact on the 500,000 foster care youth currently in the system.

♥️ Stephanie

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